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Residential Garage Doors

The Brooklyn Park, MN area knows if there’s ever an issue with garage doors, United Garage Door Repair can be counted upon time and again for repairs, maintenance and other garage door-related services. For over ten years, we’ve retained the top position in the garage door services industry and have been lauded by innumerable clients, thanks to the outstanding caliber of the team we’ve employed. Their work ethics and excellent interpersonal skills make them keen listeners to your concerns while their vast knowledge allows them to provide solutions that are the perfect fit for your budget.......Click to read more

Commercial Garage Doors

We have strived for over ten years to be the best and have worked very hard to be where we are now. Today United Garage Door Repair is the biggest and most-called for commercial garage door service agency in the Brooklyn Park, MN. We have worked with many major and start-up businesses, offices, industries, commercial spaces and clients. We use the expertise we have garnered over the years, our knowledge of latest tools and use them to get to a solution that matches the varying needs of our commercial clients and fits their business requirements........Click to read more

Garage Door Repair

Do you often find your garage door malfunctioning for no good reason? Does it seem to have lost its efficiency? As time passes, garage doors can get worn out due to harsh weather, constant usage or other things like rust, cracks, loss of spring elasticity etc., which can cause your garage door to stop working properly, if not entirely. Apart from these, a detached chain drive, or incorrect force settings might even cause the whole garage door to crash down, putting your and your property’s safety at a huge risk........Click to read more

Garage Door Spring Services

Most of the garage door’s weight is carried by springs, which makes them susceptible to wear and tear and vulnerable to damage over time. If a broken or weak spring is left unattended, it can cause some serious damage to you and your property. This is why, you need the help of professional garage door servicemen to look after your garage door springs and tighten, repair or change them as and when needed!....Click to read more

Garage Door Openers

There was a time when garage doors used to be operated manually. Now as technology has progressed and our needs have evolved, high-end tech has become easily available to everyone these days. We’ve got remote-controlled openers, motion sensing door openers and other high-end systems that have modernized the garage door network and befit the demands of the consumers in Brooklyn Park, MN. As these small but necessary changes have made themselves into the everyday lives of the people in Brooklyn Park, MN, it has made their lives more comfortable, worriless and far more safe. However, no matter how progressive the technology gets, mechanical systems are not exempt from failure. This is why; you must opt for United Garage Door Repair to get garage door openers fixed or changed with new and better ones.....Click to read more

Custom Garage Doors

Garage doors are not expressionless entryways, but they are quite crucial in imparting a personality to your home. Because of their prominent shapes and sizes, it is clear that they occupy a great part of your home or office’s frontal space and thus, have to be customized to accommodate your personal preferences and style. At United Garage Door Repair, we understand how visual beauty matters to our clients and thus, we create elegant custom garage doors to suit your choices......Click to read more

Overhead Garage Door

Overhead doors, more famously known as sectional garage doors, are the new-age preference with almost all homes and offices that have space constraints and thus, require something simple, yet effective. United Garage Door Repair offers a great range of overhead garage doors you can choose from. Such doors comprise of various compartments that can be rolled up vertically on a track route that leads to the ceiling. Unlike other types of doors, these doors provide the added advantage of not requiring a wide clearance space in front of them.....Click to read more

Garage Door Installation

Garage doors don’t just open up passageways into your house, but they also act as a protective element. For this purpose, you must not look for anything but the best garage door that suits your preferences, style and security requirements and an equally competent team handle the installation. Do you live in Brooklyn Park, MN? If so, there is no one more qualified to serve your demands than United Garage Door Repair’s team of professional experts. We understand that you need nothing but the best services and we work hard to deliver you just that!.....Click to read more 

Garage Doors 

United Garage Door Repair knows that daily use can damage your garage doors and they may very easily start to show signs of defect. For this reason, United Garage Door Repair advices commercial and residential properties, to get specialty garage doors installed which are built to stand their ground against harsh weather situations, extravagant use and require minimal upkeep. Excellent craft quality, trendy designs, and long life are what define a United Garage Door Repair garage door......Click to read more